Bon Appétit

All about TKA’s new Cafeteria and renovation

Colby Kugel, Contributor

TKA’s new Café, Sage Dining, exemplifies food at its finest, with various fresh ingredients and an array of cultural delights.

Danny Simon a TKA Sophomore says, “The salad bar has many ingredients to choose from, appealing to everyone’s tastes and preferences.” In addition to the salad bar, the main dishes are held up to the high standard of Sage, providing an array of different delicious foods every day. The station in the far back of our cafeteria serves culturally diverse dishes, that we get to choose from, which change every day. For example, we got to taste amazing fried rice and cooked tofu with other various other Asian dishes to pick from. The next day the meal plan will be completely different, offering variety for the attendants of TKA. Another fantastic aspect of Sage Dining is their consideration of gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and vegetarian options for everyone to have a healthy and delicious lunch.

Mrs. Scalici, who coordinating the Café renovations, states that “As part of the renovation we changed the flooring, bathrooms, and wall colors. We added a lot of Scripture verses that would point students to the Gospel message. We also added other elements such as the 3 Circles that show how to live God’s Design for our lives as well as Faculty and Staff names where students could ask for prayer and/or advice.”

Overall, Sage is an inclusive, fresh, and tasty choice for the students here at TKA, dig in!