Carnations and Candy, Keys to My Heart


Key Club passes out the Candy and Carnations at the beginning of first period. (Photo Credit: Mrs Susan Lockmiller)

Christina Morzella, Contributor

Here at The King’s Academy, during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, candy and carnations are sold to students, faculty, staff, and parents, to be sent to someone special on Valentine’s day. In our case, since we didn’t have school on February 14th due to a teacher professional development day, they were passed out the day beforeThere are three different types and colors of paper hearts cards that go along with the carnations or candy that one chooses to purchase. The red hearts stand for “I love you”, the pink hearts are for, “I like you”, and the yellow hearts for, “Friends”.  You are able to write a special, personalized note or decorate the heart for your person of choiceThere is always the option to buy someone candy. There were M&M’s, Skittles, Hershey’s chocolate and other types you could send. The candy and flowers are passed out at the beginning of first period, by members of the Key Club. The day before, some Key Club members stay after school to help put the flowers and candy together. Preparing ahead of time helps the process go as smooth as possible and allows them to make sure the gifts are delivered to the right place and person. Valentine’s Day is so special, because not only are the candy and carnations passed out then, but people are passing out other personal gifts. I personally got to deliver some of the candy and carnations that morning and it was such a joy to see the smiles on everyone’s faces as they were handed a special Valentine that was sent to them. Many would say that this day is definitely among one of the favorites here at TKA.