The Conquering of the King’s Crown

Aaliyah Dobson, Contributor

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! The votes are finally in, and the King’s Academy crown has been conquered. In the launch of the 2022-2023 school year, seniors were asked to vote and select 15 members of their class whom they believed had shown integrity, courage, TKA spirit, and most importantly, a strong love for God throughout their time attending the school. After a challenging decision, the class finally nominated Paige Munna, Mia VanAlstyne, Sophia Willingham, Madison James, McKayla Martin, Macy Shipman, Sofia Martinez, and Ruby Freeman as potential homecoming queens; and Colton Lawson, Zeb Kovach, Will McPherson, Jenson Smyle, Andrew Pankey, Miguel Martinez, and Paolo Brown as potential homecoming kings.  

Last week during homecoming week, the court was presented in front of their fellow peers, including classes 23,’24’ and ‘25. During these presentations, the courts were escorted by a fellow senior peer of their choice, they either exhibited a handshake or a dance with their escort and presented a 3-minute- video on why their peers should vote for them for Homecoming King and Queen.  

Students from grades 9th through 12th had the opportunity to vote after the presentations for the candidate they thought would be best to win the King’s crown. Friday, October 21, 2022, the votes were finally in, and the crown was ready to be delivered. After the King’s Academy Lions defeated the Titians in a 28-23 game, the homecoming court was entered on the field and the winners were revealed.  

Last year’s homecoming queen, Olivia Higgins, and last year’s homecoming king, Tony Luo, delivered the crown to conquer Sofia Martinez and Andrew Pankey. When the winners were announced, the crowd was filled with so many emotions because it was such a close win. Family, friends, and alumni all came out to celebrate this amazing day, winner Sofia Martinez comments “It was a very emotional and honorable moment, especially when my AMAZING group of friends, classmates, and family were all gathered around me celebrating with me.”  Congratulations to this year’s 2022-2023 homecoming winners, and good luck to next year’s candidates. The crown has been conquered!