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Allison Sun is a twelvth grade international student at The King’s Academy. She arrived in America in 2016 and joined the big King’s family. At The King’s Academy she has experienced American school culture and has also learned things about Christianity. Allison loves to try and experience new thingsin.  She is involved in many school activities such as, the Conservatory Program, musicals, basketball cheerleading, Model UN, and Key Club. In America, she has discovered that she has an interest in singing, so she joined Choir and has enjoyed participating in many musicals. She loves biology because it is about learning and observing various living things on earth. She is also interested in history because she loves stories that have happened a long time ago.

After school, Allison likes to sit in front of her piano and figure out some songs to play. She also likes to listen to music and sing. She listens to a lot of musicals. Allison’s favorite musical of all time is Miss Saigon. She likes reading because reading gives her opportunities to learn many interesting perspectives that she did not know before. Moreover, she especially enjoys facetime with her family when she is free. Being away from her families is very hard for, but now, she enjoys and appreciates her life in the United States, because she knows that her parents are very proud of all the things she is learning and taking part in.

Allison Sun has many goals at The King’s Academy. Her main goals is to make more friends, and be happy and fulfilled with positive energy every day. She wrote in her journal that she wants to influence somebody at King’s in a positive way and make friends with them.

Allison’s favorite Bible verse is John 3:16. She thinks that this verse explains Christianity to her, and it is very important to know in a Christian school.

Allison Sun, Contributor

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Allison Sun