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Benji Huether

 I’m Benji Huether, a senior here at TKA in my 14th year. My favorite subject in school is English, though Art comes in a close second. Besides my classes, I participate in the political science club, art club and peer tutoring. You can find me on Friday mornings at ONE80. When I’m not at King’s or at my job a John Smith Subs, I’ll usually be watching TV shows or movies, drawing or reading, and then feverishly finishing tomorrow's homework, almost always in that order. In fact, my articles are probably the only things you’ll read from me that I didn’t procrastinate on, since I always put my best effort into the work I actually care about. I also enjoy a good crossword puzzle, and read the Palm Beach Post (or at least the comics) every day. My music tastes are quite eclectic, but one band I particularly enjoy is Cryoshell. I like spending time with family, America, and meat. I despise Minions, bleu cheese, and college graduations. 

Benji Huether, Contributor

Sep 26, 2019
It Only Gets Stranger (Story)
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Benji Huether