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Cristina Lahud
Cristina Lahud is currently a junior at The King’s Academy and has been attending the school for five years. She is very involved in school; participating in both the theatre program and the tennis team as well as other clubs. She has appeared in the ensemble of several shows and has been playing Varsity Tennis for five years. Her favorite subject is history because she likes that it is like a really long story. In her spare time Cristina likes to watch movies and do outdoor activities. Her favorite thing to write about is travel because she loves to go to new places and likes to share her experiences with others. She has been to many interesting countries like Hungary and El Salvador and more. Cristina really enjoys being busy and hates to be stuck at home feeling idle. Her best quality that contributes to the paper is her ambition. She always strives to write as best as she can. Cristina Lahud is a wonderful addition to The Lion Ledger staff.

Cristina Lahud, Contributor

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Cristina Lahud