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Riley Nowicki
Riley Nowicki is a junior at The King’s Academy. She has attended King’s for three years and is excited about all the possibilities over her next years at TKA. Riley has been in The King’s Academy’s Theatre Company for three years and has participated in various productions throughout the school years. She is also a part of the soccer program at King’s and has been playing since her sophomore year. She is looking forward to her junior year on the soccer team. Riley spends her spare time volunteering at Sandoway Nature Discovery Center in Delray Beach where she works with wildlife and taking care of the tortoises. Her favorite things to write about include current events, and sports such as soccer. Riley hopes one day she will be able to leave Florida, and live in New York City. Riley is looking forward to writing this year for The Lion Ledger.

Riley Nowicki, Contributor

Oct 06, 2020
Broadway Industry Update (Story)
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Riley Nowicki