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Photo Credit: Key Club

This year, the environmental branch of Key Club at TKA contructs the school’s first on-site garden.

Megan Evasius, contributor

Have you ever wondered what the small structure is behind the Event Center? Well, it is The Kings Academy’s school garden! About a year ago Madison Evasius worked with Key Club to make her idea of the garden come to life. This garden was the spark that lit the fire for the Environmental branch of Key Club. This is a great opportunity for TKA students to learn about plants, sustainable gardening, earn community service hours, and help the local community. 

The Kings Academy garden is an excellent opportunity for TKA students and members of Key Club alike to gain community service hours. Each time you water and maintain the garden, you can earn community service hours. When watering the garden, you will see the array of fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables that it contains. If you are interested in doing this task you can contact Mrs. Martin or Madison Evasius.  Key Club members can get their garden service forms directly from Mrs. Martin, and non-Key Club members can obtain a community service form in the office and have their service form signed by Mrs. Martin. You may ask where all this produce goes? The answer- the homeless. All the produce that is collected from the garden is donated to homeless shelters around Palm Beach County. The garden is home to robust tomatoes, vibrant bell peppers, fragrant rosemary, sweet basil, glossy eggplants, seasonal strawberries, and so much more! Madison Evasius, the founder of this project, wants the student body to know that the garden is meant to promote school unification through sustainable gardening. Sustainable gardening is the concept of using new gardening practices that cause no harm to the earth around it. Last year, Mrs. Hobbs had her first-grade students raised ladybug larva for the unit they studied on bugs. Mrs. Hobbs joined with Madison and the garden to offer a natural form of pest control by releasing the student’s lady bugs. This was an amazing way for The Kings Academy’s elementary students to get hands on experience with sustainable gardening.  

The Kings Academy offers so many opportunities, and experiences and this garden is one of them. The garden is another way that the students can unite for a greater cause and learn some cool new things. Next time you are by the Event Center, make sure to check out the garden!