Elementary Peer Tutoring

Megan Evasius, Contributor

         Are you an Elementary Student? Are you confused on some math problems? Do you need help with your reading? Well don’t you worry! Elementary peer tutoring has your back. This is a tremendously helpful afterschool session that The Kings Academy has provided for the students. Elementary peer tutoring has amazing student tutors that will help you put your academic worries aside. 

       The Elementary peer tutoring program is run by Mrs. Mutz. Mrs. Mutz classroom is in the upper elementary hallway right by the Boswell science center. You also could get to the classroom through the main office and taking a right down the long hallway. If you are confused on how to get there, you could ask any of The Kings Academy’s dedicated staff. Elementary tutoring is from 3:15-4:15 every Monday. The purpose of this program is to help academically challenged elementary students, and students with learning differences. Elementary Students will receive help on Social Studies, Math, Science, and EnglishThe peer tutors will patiently work with any student to achieve their learning goals. The student leaders are Tara Casey, Madison Evasius, Carolina Cuomo, Tori Moore, Ariana Mendina, and so many more. The tutors’ goal when working with the kids is to make learning super fun, but very effective. The tutors will play learning games with the students to make tedious studying entertaining. Peer tutors utilize engaging activities with the Elementary students such as spelling word bingo, make hard math problems into amusing stories, and many more. The peer tutors find that the children learn the most when they are active. They will throw a ball to the kids when they get a multiplication times table correct. Also, they have the kids write there spelling words up on the white board, or on sand. 

       As you can see, The Kings Academy has some very dedicated Elementary peer tutors. Here is a quote from Madison Evasius about the tutoring, “Working with the kids is so fluffing, it is such a magical moment when the information clicks with the student.” All these upperclassmen would love to help you understand, do well, and have fun with your schoolwork 

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