What are Potential Threats of iPhone’s Sales?


Photo Credit: China Feature. Huaqiangbei, the biggest

Photo Credit: China Feature. Huaqiangbei, the biggest electronics market in the world — Shenzhen, China.

Allison Sun, Contributor

The iPhone is, arguably, the most successful mobile service in history. Due to their constant stream of technological innovation, the widespread anticipation of new models, and updates every few months, innovation is highly expected. This year, on September 20, Apple launched its newest innovations: the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 pro. Though the much awaited device was a success, it held many of the same updates and technology, with a few more gratuitous features added, drawing consumers to a popular question: are a few more bells and whistles truly necessary? While some may agree with the advancements, such as the wider camera lens, night mode, and color adaptation, for many who use the more practical apps and services, the experience was similar to that of the older phones. For example; checking emails, using Instagram, and listening to music on the iPhone 11, and the 11 pro is the same as listening to music on the iPhone X, 8, or 7. According to data published by Alex Allegro, an experienced cellphone critic, the average upgrade cycle now last four years, up from three in 2018. As a result, less and less individuals are willing to upgrade their phone at the speed at which a new model is released.

High demand of the iPhone originates from its variety of designs, in both software and hardware, that provides exclusivity, a gift most competitors fail to provide. However, not all are willing to pay the high prices that complement the advanced system of the iPhone. Consequently, this introduces iPhone to another critical problem: a booming secondary market. Amazon and eBay are flooded with all types of iPhones, meaning the new iPhone has to compete with its well-performing previous generations. In other words, as each year passes, the iPhone faces its biggest challenge, itself.

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