How Can You Help the Bahamas?


Photo credit: Hogan McPhaden

TKA alumni Hogan McPhaden and Chris Pappas are making strong efforts to aid the Bahamas.

Madison Fuhrman, Contributor

As we all know, Hurricane Dorian came crashing down onto the Bahamas in early September as a category 5 monster. The storm laid over the Abacos, as well as other islands, for days on end causing destruction wherever it went. Many Bahamians lost their homes, livelihoods, and their lives to the storm. In light of this horrific tragedy, many people have begun relief funds to help aid those in the Bahamas including TKA alumni Christopher Pappas and Hogan McFadden. 

So how can you help those who were hit by hurricane Dorian? For starters, you can begin by donating to countless funds that can be found on the internet. We are so lucky to live in a world where we can easily help others with just the click of the button and millions of people around the world have been putting that ability to use. Although things such as non-perishables and toiletries are helpful to those in the Bahamas, what is needed is money to help rebuild. The process of reconstructing what was lost on the islands will take years so it is imperative that help begins now. Already millions of dollars have been donated to the Bahamas in order to help restore what was once of beautiful land back to its former glory. Seeing as the economy in the Bahamas completely revolves around tourism, it is necessary that the islands are given as much help as they can be given. 

It’s not only large corporations advocating for the Bahamas, TKA alumni Christopher Pappas and Hogan McFadden have created a company known as The Palm Locals which has been serving its part in helping the Bahamas. This clothing brand allows you to directly donate to the Bahamas relief fund while also giving you a nice t-shirt. The shirt features the Hope Town Lighthouse over the Bahamas flag. This shirt can be purchased on The Palm Locals website for $30 and %100 of the proceeds will be donated to Unicef. 

Bringing the Bahamas back up from the dark times that they are currently in will be a process that will take years to complete but donating to relief funds is one way to start making a difference even from a distance.