The Gold Star Family Toy Drive

Waverly Vernon, Contributor

The Gold Star Family Toy Drive is just one of the many amazing things the Gold Star Families Foundation does for its members. Gold Star helps support families who have a loved one who was injured or lost in service of our country. This organization was started after a widow had asked online if there were any available groups that could help her and her children. Lyette Reback, a mother of 16, found the post and, after finding that none existed, immediately started her own organization. They now help support families throughout the USA, and have events for every occasion and family member. On December 14, 2019, our volunteers from The King’s Academy, had the opportunity to serve our country by assisting in the Gold Star Christmas Toy Drive. This helped create an impact not just locally, but nationwide.

The Gold Star Christmas Toy Drive is a yearly event for the children of the households who have lost a family member in action. Those who volunteer get the opportunity to see up close and personally how much these families sacrificed for us to be able to have our freedoms, like education. Volunteers, veterans, and Gold Star Family members collectively wrap and ship gifts to each family and child personally, helping them to afford to have an amazing Christmas.

Families register with Gold Star and add their children’s wishlists to their profiles. People can access their webpage throughout the year and donate gifts or money to help support the organization’s families. This is one way to help support and give back to families with members who have sacrificed their lives for our country.