A Senior Night to Remember


The senior girls receive their senior baskets after celebrating the victory of the game. (Photo Credit: Janice Rinker)

Alli Graves, Contributor

Six incredibe seniors on The King’s Academy 2019-2020 varsity girls’ soccer team, January 21, 2020, senior night, the final home game these seniors would ever get to play, was bound to be a night to remember.

From the very start of the day each senior including Andrea Orozco, Mei Machuga, Ava Guida, Caroline Rinker, Tori Moore, and Alli Graves, were gifted balloons, crowns, and sashes to carry around and wear for the day at school. Teachers, faculty, staff, students, and teammates made sure the entire day was memorable by wishing each girl good luck and promising to come to the senior night ceremony. Walking into the locker room, game ready, the girls found the entire locker room decorated with streamers hanging and pictures plastered all over the room. The previous day at practice, seniors were excused, and the rest of the team stayed and made individualized signs for all six seniors featuring quotes such as “Who runs the world? Number 25” for Andrea and “Without Alli we’re in Grave(s) Danger” for Alli, alongside many other decorated posters with creative sayings.

Finally, after all of the pre-game celebration, it was game time and the girls took the field to go head to head against Saint Andrews. The team put up a fight and won the game in the last quarter by a score of 2-1. They were thrilled and everyone stormed the field in celebration! Following the game, the senior night ceremony took place recognizing all 14 seniors amongst both the girls’ and boys’ varsity teams. As each soccer player stepped out onto their home field for the last time, escorted by their parents, they were able to reflect on their past years or playing soccer and truly appreciate all the memories made being a part of The King’s Academy varsity soccer team.

Senior night was a great success. Each of the senior girls went home with a new soccer bracelet, a King’s jacket, soccer pillow, chocolates, and photos to remind them of their last home game to ever on a King’s Academy field. While it is sad to see something such as high school athletics become a part of these players’ past, it is also a great accomplishment and character building experience for each of these girls to remember for the rest of their lives.

The senior girls pray in their last ever circle at the end of the game with the opposing team. (Photo Credit: Janice Rinker)