Rock the Universe 2020

Why This Annual TKA Trip is Like No Other


These students: Miah Cooke, Isabella Acosta, Adriana Portela, Mae Marks, Ava Rose Weisberg, Olivia Scannel, Cindy, Nhi Cao, Christian Pisani, Reagan Collier, Waverly Vernon, Kylie Fowler, and Brooke Leininger enjoy a fabulous time together experiencing daring rides, good food and growing friendships. (Photo Credit: Garrett Weisberg)

Ava Rose Weisberg, Contributor

Every year, The King’s Academy takes a large group of high school students to Universal Studios for the annual Rock the Universe (RTU) concert, where Christian singers, such as Toby Mac, perform live while praising the Lord. This is an amazing time for Christians to connect as the park is open after four pm exclusively to those possessing Rock the Universe Tickets. Not only is this an amazing chance for students to bond over worship and see some of their favorite Christian singers in person, but it is also an opportunity for them to ride rollercoasters, splurge for unique souvenirs, explore Harry Potter World, and make new friends.

There are several reasons why the annual Rock the Universe trip is one of the most memorable for many students. One of the reasons is that for a lot of the international students, The King’s Academy is actually taking them to Universal Studios for their very first time. “I’ve never been to Universal before, I’m so excited!” Jasmine Cao, freshman and an international student at The King’s Academy, informed me before boarding one of the charter buses that transported the students. Jasmine was just one of many students who experienced Rock the Universe for the time thanks to TKA. Oftentimes, local students forget just how blessed they are to be able to be within driving distance of debatably one of the most spectacular theme parks of all time. One thing that I have learned from this trip is to never take blessings for granted.

Another reason why the Rock The Universe trip is so amazing is because of the food. While one should always be cautious when filling up on an unseemly amount of food before riding rollercoasters, if one masters the system, they can achieve the perfect balance of going on rides and trying out unique Universal cuisine. One of my favorite spots to stop for fun food is in Harry Potter World. There, the delicious delectables of the wizarding world come to life. Students who went to Rock The Universe were able to eat treats such as Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, Exploding BonBons, and, of course, butterbeer, all things which previously they could only read about in J. K. Rowling’s book series. You have probably heard that Disney is where the magic begins, but after visiting Diagon alley, it’s clear that the real magic is in Universal.

However, what is easily the most amazing part of the Rock The Universe trip is the religious impact. It is no secret that music is one of the most powerful ways for people to connect to God. Many have testified that just listening to Christian music has brought them to Christ. Not only is the live concert at Rock The Universe special in that it has the potential to move people to make the decision to follow Jesus, but it also shows young teens that becoming a Christian does not mean sacrificing ever going out on fun outings again. Rather, it shows them how to go out and have fun while maintaining Christian morals. All in all, Rock The Universe 2020 was a fun, spiritually moving, and unique trip not to be forgotten by the students of The King’s Academy.