Broadway Industry Update


Broadway is still in “shut-down” mode. (Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly)

Riley Nowicki, Contributor

As we know many jobs around the country, and even the world, were stopped due to the Corona Virus pandemic. This put many families in a position to function without an income to support themselves, which resulted in them applying for stimulus checks. Most people are aware of the impact it had on normal working families, but a lot of people are not aware of the major effect it has on the Broadway industry.

When the Corona Virus pandemic was first starting, the Broadway industry knew it was possible that it could have a major effect on them as a whole. Broadway officially shut down on March 12, 2020. Even though Broadway has been shut down before, it did not last like it is today. In the past there were incidents when the industry was shut down for only about 2-3 days, but now the industry has been officially closed down for eight months. Even though the shutting down did effect all theaters, some were impacted more than others. Beetlejuice was supposed to have its closing date on June 6, 2020 at the Winter Garden theatre, but due to the pandemic, the show and it’s cast never got to have a closing night. They were not the only show that faced this issue. Six, the musical was supposed to have their opening date on March 12, 2020 which was the exact day Broadway shut down. These are just some of the shows that were impacted as a result of the Corona Virus pandemic.

Big time theatre goers have been affected, but also actors were effected even more. These shows provided a stable income for the people in these shows to pay their rent, buy food, and other necessities in order to live. Once they were put out of a job, they were not able to support themselves due to the fact no income was coming in. It is going to be extremely hard for the industry to reopen due to all of the procedures they will have to face. The Broadway industry will figure out a way to accomplish this, and hopefully reopen quite soon.