Fellowship on Fridays

Hearing Things That Apply Directly To You


Senior Macy Shealy brings The Word to students, proclaiming the importance of God’s grace and forgiveness. (Photo Credit: Mr. Riley O’Neil)

Emma Muschett, Contributor

This year, despite the circumstances and alterations, The King’s Academy constantly strives to provide impactful opportunities and experiences. In particular, the campus’s One80 Bible Study has not only been cleared to meet together, but the group has thrived more than ever before. The attendance, the messages, and the fellowship truly makes a difference in the lives of those who attend.

One80 Bible Study is a student-led group that is held on Fridays. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and crazy schedules, One80 now meets every other Friday at 7:30 am in the Events Center. Going to listen to a personalized message and gaining fellowship with other peers is certainly a wonderful way to start off the day. No matter who you are, One80 Bible Study is an amazing way to grow in relationships, not only with those around you, but with the Lord.

The King’s Academy has held three sessions of One80 Bible Study in the new school year. Our spiritual prefects, Emilyn Root and Macy Shealy, have done an outstanding job running the groups, scheduling speakers, and encouraging students. In addition to reaching out to students through the TKA_ONE80 Instagram, they live stream all messages, set up small groups, and make everyone feel welcome and loved. In an interview, Macy exclaimed,

“One80 is such a unique time where students can come together and encourage one another. It is incredible to see how many students show up week after week for the Lord!””

— Macy Shealy, Senior


The best thing about One80 Bible Study is the ability to hear a message that is specifically from your peers and can apply directly to you. In our second gathering, senior Riley Taylor came and spoke to the students, sharing a powerful message on how no circumstance can change our identity in Christ. In addition to each sermon, the students receive time to group together and discuss matters in a small group. Since there have been numerous attendees this year, dividing up becomes a bonding moment for everyone. The students share personal thoughts, pray for one another, and write encouragement cards to others. Who knew that a small little Bible study group could grow into such an impactful experience for all involved.