Hit Christmas Items 2020


Riley Nowicki, Contributor

This year lots of people are asking for many different gifts for this Christmas. Gifts could range from clothes, to even a new cellphone but lots of people are asking for something different. This is due to the fact that many people have a different aesthetic that they live under whether it be preppy, or a more urban style. Depending on which style you are, you may ask for different items. One common item most children are asking for Christmas this year is LED lights. These lights can be placed practically anywhere from behind your bed frame, to all around the room. The use of these lights is virtually endless which makes them a top choice for children around the world for Christmas. For self-care purposes people are asking for face rollers, a face serum from the ordinary, and acne patches. If people are asking for more décor styled gifts they may ask for fake plants, mirrors, picture frames, and even new bed sheets. Another aspect of Christmas is the idea of stocking stuffers. Some stocking stuffers you can give your friends or family include socks, candy, and even face masks. Due to the coronavirus pandemic masks are required practically anywhere so reusable masks would make a great present this year because the masks will get good use. If you are participating in a Secret Santa this year maybe consider buying you friends candy, masks, socks, candles, and even jewelry. These types of items would be perfect for Secret Santa because they can be used in our everyday lives. These are some common items you can get children or even your friends this Christmas because each could be used for many different things.