TKA’s Christmas Traditions

Christmas is just around the corner and we are all getting ready. With Christmas also comes all of the beloved traditions that we hold so dear to our hearts. Our traditions range from the traditional Christmas service to others that are quite unique to your own family. This year students from TKA have decided to share some of their own Christmas traditions to spread some Christmas cheer and get you excited for the holidays.

First, we have Max Toledo, a current sophomore. His Christmas tradition is quite novel. In Max’s family, every year they hide a pickle in their Christmas tree. A plastic one, don’t worry. He says that “whoever in our family finds it first when we say go gets good luck until next Christmas.” This tradition is quite different from the ones you usually hear. Max also explained that this tradition has German origin. Who knew pickles and Christmas went together?

Next, we have Ryan Cavanaugh, a junior. His Christmas traditions are more traditional yet cozy and heartwarming. Ryan actually has quite a few. His family goes to Christmas eve service every year and later goes to spend the evening at his grandparent’s house. He also does something special on Christmas morning. “My family always gets up on Christmas morning and my dad reads Luke chapter 2 and we pray before we open presents. My mom also makes a huge breakfast on Christmas morning and my extended family visits to eat breakfast with us.” Ryan’s traditions are centered around family and exemplify the true meaning of Christmas.

Olivia Sauerberg, a senior, shared her Christmas traditions with us. She says that her older brother comes to spend Christmas with her family every year and the older siblings of the family wrap the presents. She also shared that “we also used to have to be kept inside my parent’s bedroom until my older brother woke up so they used to lock the door and leave us in the bedroom because we would wake up at 6 and he wouldn’t wake up until 8.” She explains that they would take this valuable family time to watch Christmas movies together.

Now Christmas is all about traditions and I’m sure some of you have your own special ones that will carry on for years to come. If you happen to not have as many traditions, I hope that those of your fellow peers have inspired you to make some with your own family. No tradition is too small.