TKA New Year’s Resolutions

Hannah Norman, contributor

New years resolutions are notorious for being broken by most every February. Whether it is to go on a specific diet, lose weight, exercise, cut down on screen time, or spend more time in the moment, people always forget their resolutions or give up by February. But at the King’s Academy, we are made up of resilient and goal-oriented individuals who will stick to the new year’s resolution until the goals they have set are accomplished. I interviewed a variety of students, asking and asked them what their new year’s resolution was. Olivia O’Leary said, “this is really something I’d say every year, but I want to be the best version of myself. I want to show kindness to others and always try my best to make everyone feel included.” She annually does the challenge of showing unwavering kindness and compassion to others, as Christ would, and is excited for another year. Macy Shealy plans on reading through the entire Bible through 2021. When asked her reasoning for this resolution, she said, “I appreciate the challenge and determination that reading through the entire Bible in one year brings. To be in true communion with God, we have to present him daily. I think this will be a great habit to build over the next year, and I am looking forward to expanding on my knowledge of the word.”
Camden Popadic’s resolution is to take time to enjoy the things of today instead of always focusing on what’s next. He made this goal because of the realization we all had because of the COVID-19 pandemic, tomorrow isn’t promised, so enjoy today to its fullest. Aubee Billie, after being junior Miss Seminole for almost two years, has the resolution of using her crown to educate people on the cultures and traditions of the Seminole tribe. Gabby Bohol plans on cultivating her hobbies and spending more time for herself. “With this next year I want to grow and improve hobbies like the piano and my art, I feel that there is always room for improvement, and I want to be a vessel for God to cultivate my skills.” Bailey Durkin’s resolution is to work out more and get in good physical and mental shape in preparation for college. Taylor Agnello wants to grow her YouTube platform and continue to work on herself. At the King’s Academy, we have very goal-oriented students, and I have great faith that all these students will accomplish their goals.