Legacy of the Crown


The 2021 King’s Academy Homecoming Court gathers in The Page Family Center for Perfoming Arts after the presentations. (Photo Credit: Mrs. Amber Loveland)

Eduarda Dias, Contributor

The crown has been passed! After being elected by the senior class of 2022 in August, the 16 members of the court were finally revealed. The competitors selected for the queen were: Annie Matot, Mia Rodriguez, Margot McFadden, Gaby Bueno, Olivia Higgins, Grace Toal, Miah Cooke, and Olivia Othmer, and competing for the king title were: Christian Crocetti, Jack Walter, Lucas Devin, Josh Zuchowski, Ryan Cavanagh, John Fonseca, Tony Luo, and Mason Shipman. The court had the opportunity to make individual presentations on the last Tuesday (September 28th), accompanied by their escorts, they exhibited the three-minute videos that were full of jokes, shout-outs, and useful advice for the lower classes.

The voting took place right after the presentations, during the third period, and included all classes from 9th to 12th grade.

Later, on Friday the big moment took place after the homecoming football game, while the crowd was still heated by the win, the king and queen were finally crowned! Olivia Higgins and Tony Luo were the winners and the homecoming queen and king for the 21-22 year, and both making history for The King’s Academy. Tony was the second student from the international program to be elected as king, and the first Chinese one to ever win the title, and with the crown on his head he said: “I feel extremely honored to be the homecoming king. I must thank everyone who supported me and voted for me, because you guys got me to this amazing place.”. Olivia also kept a family legacy, due to her sister winning to the crown three years ago, they are now the first two girl siblings to ever earn the title of homecoming queen, and Olivia described the crowning as “Super special and a moment I’ll remember forever!”. The crowning was a big moment for the whole school, with the presence of family and friends, the court gave the crowd a great time, and that will be remembered.