Meet us at the Corner

Diana Lytvyn

The new King’s Corner Coffee offers a great energy bump for students facing rough mornings, making the world seem just a little brighter and studying more enjoyable. The literal Corner Coffee is a school café connected to the library and situated below the O’Keeffe Law Court and Medical Classes. There, students work as baristas and gain working experience and community service hours. As stated by ….., a King’s Corner employee, “It’s a wonderful experience of the community. I made new friends that I probably would not have met if it weren’t for the school cafe. It’s a great way to combine work and friendship.”
The café is open one hour before school and one hour after on workdays. King’s Corner opened this year and serves a variety of coffees, such as cappuccinos, lattes, espresso, americanos, and many more, as well as toppings and snacks such as muffins and cookies, including special fall flavors for drinks and snacks, such as Pumpkin Spice.
The inside of the café is contemporary and features a mostly red, white, and blue color scheme. Besides the menu, students often visit the Corner to hang out with friends and classmates or to study. In that environment, they can enjoy one another’s company while taking a sip of their beverage of choice and appreciate the relaxing atmosphere. In addition, teachers may visit the café to start their day or at the end of the day to end it on a good note, even running for the customer of the month title, lastly won by Mr. Demoss. King’s Corner is also a convenient place to study for school due to its close location to the library and calm setting, that way, a great number of people and stories walk into the corner. It is unique because it combines school spirit, a notion of community service, and people connecting.