Student-Led Bible Study


Photo Credit: Lindsay Richardson

Bree Taylor, Bella Torres, and Makayla Martin enjoying their time of faith and fellowship at one80.

Carolina Cuomo, Contributor

Beginning a few years ago, a small group of students gathered together and unwittingly started one of the most impactful hubs for student life on The King’s Academy’s campus, One80. One80 is a student led Bible study that takes place every Friday morning at 7:30am in the Events Center. Led by Mr. O’Neil, Mrs. Todd, and the Spiritual Life Prefects, many students and teachers alike wake up a few minutes earlier on Fridays to come together and worship the Lord. One80 is a place where students can gather to partake in intimately-led student worship, hear student leaders speak about their spiritual lives, and then gather in small groups to debrief and fellowship, all while snacking on donuts and other breakfast foods.

This rapidly growing Bible study has already immensely impacted the climate of TKA student body. When asked about his One80 experience, senior and worship leader Wilfred Odero stated, “I really enjoy playing at One80 because it is such an intimate space for worship. It just sets your day right, it puts you in a great mood throughout the day.” Another senior, Mikayela Smith says that, “One80 is a great way to experience a Christ-like community of fellowship, worship, and fun. Getting to worship God in a more intimate way while also hearing another student speak their testimony is sends such a powerful message to our generation! Being a part of One80 has truly been an amazing experience.”

The intimacy and bonds created during One80 are unparalleled, and more impactful than a typical sermon, because students are able to preach to their fellow peers, which curates a more meaningful experience on both sides. Spiritual Life Prefect and frequent speaker, Maddy Ames, is extremely passionate about One80 and what it is bringing to her spiritual life and to TKA as a whole. Maddy stated that, “One80 has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and grow in my faith. Leading and speaking at One80 is my passion. Just a few years ago, I would have never thought that I would be the one to get up there to talk. After my first time speaking, God put a passion in my heart to minister to others through this Bible study.”

Thanks to the hard work of Mr. O’Neil, Mrs. Todd, and the student leaders of One80, The King’s Academy and the spiritual lives of countless students have been indelibly influenced, and altered for the better.