Let the Homecoming Festivities Begin


Madison Fuhrman, Contributor

It is now the end of September, which means that preparations for Homecoming Weak are in full swing. This year’s theme will be all about music, and I am sure that it will be one of our best yet.

As usual, grades seven through twelve will compete against each other to win the 2019-20 title. Each grade will be representing a specific genre of music: Seventh grade as rock, eighth grade as country, ninth grade as disco, tenth grade as Latin, eleventh grade as electronic, and twelfth grade as pop. This year, we have been presented with new dress down day themes, as well as new activities, while still keeping all of the events we know and love. On Tunes Tuesday, each grade will dress as their specific music genre. Although “Man vs. Food” will not be making a comeback this year, a completely new event has been chosen for the boys: Ninja Ball, which is a variation on dodgeball. Powder Puff will be making a comeback, as well as a bonfire, both of which will happen on Tuesday. Later in the week, Wacky Wednesday will be making a return as well as a new day, Rival Thursday. Friday will be completely dedicated to school spirit as well as spirit for our grades. Field day will return, so remember to represent your grade by wearing your class colors: seventh grade will be sporting lime green, eighth is pink, ninth is blue, tenth is red, eleventh is grey/silver, and twelfth will wear black, as usual. Everyone who has purchased a class t-shirt will be able to where it for spirit day on Friday. Along with all of our usual festivities, we will be participating in Dollar Madness to help support Hope Project International. As you can see, this Homecoming is shaping up to be a fun and exciting event for the students of the The King’s Academy.