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The Student Online Publication of The King's Academy

The Lion Ledger

The Student Online Publication of The King's Academy

The Lion Ledger

The Lion Ledger Launches

Photo Credit: Mrs. Susan Lockmiller
Logan Weisberg, Junior and 3rd year Lion Ledger staff member, has risen to the top as the Editor-in Chief of our new online newspaper.

After fifty years, The King’s Academy’s student newspaper, The Lion Ledger, is finally going online!

If you are reading this article, then you have found our online newspaper. Welcome. As this is all still new to you (and us as well), let me explain how this is going to work…

Unlike print newspaper, this online version of The Lion Ledger will always remain up-to-date. Following our initial launch and first wave of stories, new articles will be released periodically in concurrence with newsworthy events, both in school and in the world. Our articles will fall under nine categories, as follows.

Lion Life: This contains articles related to TKA events, like Homecoming.

Conservatory: This contains all articles related to The King’s Academy Theatre Company’s productions and choirs.

Sports: This contains articles related to TKA sports and athletes.

News: This contains articles that discuss world events or issues outside of The King’s Academy.

Entertainment: This contains articles related to movies, TV, books, and pop-culture. These articles may provide information on events in the world of entertainment or they may be reviews of movies, TV, and books.

Showcase: This contains articles that showcase notable TKA faculty.

Elementary: This contains articles that relate to events in The King’s Academy elementary.

Travel: This contains articles related to travel, such as class trips or vacation recommendations.

Feature: This contains articles that do not fit into the above categories, such as pieces on specific social issues or other special pieces that do not fit into a defined category.

In addition to articles, The Lion Ledger will also display TKA-produced videos, such as school broadcast announcements and various projects produced by Film classes. Weekly polls will be available for students to vote on and see the general consensus of their classmates. Sports scores from recent TKA games across all sports will be displayed under ‘Recent Sports Scores’ on the right side of the webpage. Breaking news announcements will scroll across the top of the webpage.

Readers may view the profile of editors and contributors by clicking on their name on a byline or heading over to the ‘Staff page” under “About”.

We look forward to your ongoing support as we venture into new territory. There are many exciting things to come, and The Lion Ledger would love for you to join us for the ride.