The King’s Academy Regiment

New Pep Band Now Performing at TKA’s Home Football Games!

Ava Rose Weisberg, Contributor

TKA Smith Family Conservatory offers many different opportunities for students to pursue their interests. From dance to photography to band, it seems as if TKA has it all. This article is to highlight the Regiment, posing the question, what exactly is TKA’s Regiment band?”

“Band is with the bong, bong, bong,” says Mrs. Hodges, the Spanish teacher.

Not entirely accurate. As TKA’s Geometry teacher Mrs. Carole Anne Spell will tell you, a good definition can be written as an ‘if and only if’ statement. For instance, something is a band if and only if it is ‘with the bong, bong, bong.’ If the resulting definition is false, such as in the previously given example, then it is a bad definition. The truth of the matter is, TKA’s regiment is a compilation of so many beautiful and different people, sounds, and age groups, that it cannot be written as a biconditional statement, which is why I have taken the time to write an entire article on it.

TKA’s Regiment is divided into two sections, the first being sixth through eighth grade and the second being ninth through twelfth grade. When students start learning how to play an instrument they are placed in an introductory course, but they are given the opportunity to progress and eventually move up to the Symphonic Band. The teachers for the band are Mr. Lowe and Mrs. Grasso, both enthusiastic about helping students pursue their musical interests through playing instruments such as the trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, and flute, to name a few. Regiment practices for TKA’s band run from 3:30–5:30 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but it all pays off when the TKA band gets to perform and show off all their hard work.

TKA’s Regiment is given the opportunity to perform not only at school but at Miami Heat games and in Disney parades as well. What TKA has started doing this year for the school’s fiftieth anniversary is providing a pep band for home football games at the school. The pep band is a group of live student-musicians who play excerpts from songs at intervals throughout the game. These students are required to play on and off during the entire game, so it is a big commitment–and also, a big success. I have been fortunate enough to go to one of TKA’s football games this year and The King’s Academy Regiment blew me away. The music was impeccable, despite being live, and the students appeared very well-rehearsed. The best part, however, was when Coach Lee stepped up to keep the band in time.  The work is not only mental but physical as well, which is why Regiment is considered to be a PE credit. What exactly is required of these students during football games that has made it such a commitment?

“The same people that are in the Regiment band are in the pep band,” says Kayla Camplin, a member of TKA’s Regiment from the Class of 2023, “After playing the national anthem at some games, we quickly go back to the band room and change into our pep band clothes.”

Much like costume changes in theatre, the same precise timing is required of Regiment in changing from uniformed outfit to another. The whole time Regiment members are required to stay hydrated and pay attention, always ready for the next signal to proceed to play the next song. Do not be misled, however; Regiment, while challenging, is amazing, and is an opportunity to play a musical instrument and enjoy the collaboration of a wonderful group of student musicians.

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