The Fall Visual Arts Showcase


The Smith Family Conservatory of the Arts Fall Visual Arts Showcase (Photo Credit: Mrs. Laura McFadden)

Waverly Vernon, Contributor

On January 9, 2020, the Smith Family Conservatory of the Arts held the first art showcase of this year, featuring spectacular art from this year’s art students. The hosts who organized this beautiful event, as well as awarded the students, were Fine Arts teachers Mrs. McFaden and Ms. Nucci.  The beautiful collections of art pieces were displayed in the lobby, while guest listened to the piano music filled the room, played by Senior, Mikayela Smith. Art pieces awaiting to be seen included many 3D sculptures, acrylic pours, self portraits, and still lifes. Not only was it showcasing the talents of these young artists, but each peice held special meaning as well. Students in the upper grades focused thier pieces on subjects such as PTSD, trauma, mental illnesses, and many modern struggles some face today. Among those subjects, many focused on relationships with God, personal experiences, self reflection, and words of faith.

Out of the categories which showed many marvelous works, such as prints and 3D art, The Best in Show highlighted three fabulous artists this showcase. First Best in Show was Olivia Cunningham, Grade 11, with her charcoal still life. Second Best in Show was Shelly Li, Grade 9, with her soft pastel flute. Third and final Best in Show was Ella Rodilla, Grade 9, with her soft pastel still life.