Magic Displayed on the TKA Stage


The grand finale of the Cinderella show. (Photo Credit: Mrs. Amber Loveland)

Madison Fuhrman, Contributor

The Smith Family Conservatory of the Arts theater program recently closed it’s production of Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. The show itself follows the original Brothers Grimm, a Disney fairytale with a few twists and turns along the way. This has been one of The King’s Academy’s most successful productions filling children and adults with sheer wonder and the belief that anything is possible.

The show began rehearsals while Jekyll and Hyde was finishing out it’s eight show run. Although both Jekyll and Hyde and Cinderella are difficult shows to produce, they each take a different kind of work and skill in order to be done correctly. The majority of students who were part of the Jekyll and Hyde cast as well, transferred directly over to Cinderella, including the principle players. The principle cast members were: Olivia Henely, Nell Favuer, Olivia Sauerberg, Colby Kugel and Jonathon Allen. They are talented students were able to successfully change their mindsets in order to produce two beautiful shows with completely different storylines. Kenna Wilson, Emilio Machado, and Ani Brown also performed effortlessly on stage while portraying extremely iconic characters.

The costuming for Cinderella was absolutely phenomenal, using costumes from the original Broadway show. The costumes were covered in tulle, jewels, and flowers, with attention to detail being top priority. Each female ensemble cast member was given their own unique ball gown. On stage, there was a rainbow of colors with matching shoes and hair pieces. The ball gowns consisted of multiple layers of tulle and fabric along with a matching corset-like top. The principle cast was also decked out in shinning fabrics as well as dramatic wigs.

Cinderella was one of the most amazing technical shows that The King’s Academy has ever produced and has proven to be one of the most successful of the season. All who attended this production would refer to it as a magical experience, and those who were a part of its production, saw it as an amazing and memorable opportunity.