Getting Down to Business

Students put for the work and effort to get the roles they want.

Michael Mehalko, Contributor

Auditions at The King’s Academy are just like how you would think any audition would be. Over the quarantine, emails were sent out to students with character descriptions, music, and scripts for each show. Students have to learn, study, and practice these characters on their own time. Developing a character takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. Mr. Snyder and Mr. Adams both offer lessons where the students can work on their music with their instructors. In the His People choir this year, the students worked on audition music in class. Students had the chance to grow character development with the solo performance opportunity given to the students at the end of the week. Before you audition for a character, you need to live as that character and practice as if you already have the part. You can never over-prepare for something. If you walk into an audition being unconfident, you will perform not to the best of your ability. When you audition you want to be able to walk out and say that you killed that audition. When audition week came students were expected to be prepared. In the audition, you would read lines with another character, sing the music, and live as those characters. The male’s audition day was Monday, and the females had Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday were callbacks. During callbacks, the students went over new safety persuasions, talked about the learning experience, and grew as actors and people. The teachers really made sure the students knew that even if they do not get cast, they still grew astronomically. Whether this year’s audition was the student’s first, or last, every student will take something away from this experience. The season’s cast lists were announced during callbacks. For each show, the majority of the parts are double cast. When someone is double cast with someone else, they share the role and the performances. The reason why everything was double cast was that this year there are so many students who are unbelievably talented. With the challenges of COVID-19, since there are two people playing a part, if someone gets sick then the show can still go on. Each student brings something different to the part they play, so both actors can gain something from it. This season may be different due to COVID, but the shows will be better than ever, and every student will grow.