How TKA’s Next Play, Steel Magnolias Can Apply To You Right Now!

    Coming in January 2021 the TKA theatre program will be performing the iconic play, Steel Magnolias. Steel Magnolias is the tale of a close-knit, gossipy group of ladies from Louisiana in the 1980s who frequently go to a salon and discuss their lives. The play travels in seasons and discusses issues such as death, marriage, and family drama creating a feeling any generation can relate to. While this story is most beloved by the elder generations, the theme of the play teaches us many lessons we can apply to our lives today.

    In times such as Covid-19, it can become extremely difficult to find a sense of happiness due to all the terrible things happening around us but Steel Magnolias teaches us that, nevertheless, if you look hard enough happiness can prevail. In the show, I play Annelle Dupuy/ Desoto, an eccentric hairdresser who is new to the salon. Annelle is going through a separation from her “husband” and moving to a completely different town with nothing to her name. In an experience like that you would expect her to mope about and not even attempt to be happy ( I mean that’s probably what I’d do at least) but arriving in town she finds a new sense of happiness for herself even with all the weird junk happening around her. Annelle not only becomes a devout Christian but also surrounds herself with a very special group of friends who help her through everything. When reading this script I immediately made the connection that I needed more of that in my life. 

    With the world so upside down right now it’s so difficult to be positive but what Steel Magnolias is continuing to teach me is how God can bring us happiness in unexpected ways. I urge all of you to take a step back during this chaos and just look for some positives that this weird time in history brought you because I guarantee there are more than you’d expect.

The 1987 movie poster for Steel Magnolias. (photo credit: Tri Star Pictures)