The First Step Towards College Admissions

Zoe Katsaros, Contributor

On October 19th, The King’s Academy sophomores, juniors, and seniors had the opportunity to attend the annual College Fair. Over ninety prestigious universities and colleges from throughout the country and even several international institutions were represented at the College Fair. This event presents an important opportunity for students to equip themselves with necessary information about the institutions, build relationships with college representatives, and establish the foundation for their future college applications.  


The College Fair is a critical event for students, particularly prospective college students seeking to attend the institutions represented at the fair. The event allows students to acquire information and build connections with admissions counselors. These admission counselors and representatives are the ones who will be reviewing students’ applications as they apply to colleges during their senior year, therefore it is essential for students to engage with them now in order to build a foundation for their future college applications. Many colleges track the level of interest a student demonstrates throughout high school, so engaging with counselors and representatives is especially important as it can highlight a student’s commitment to a given school and benefit them when it comes time to apply for college during senior year.  


Mrs. Devin Herrera, director of The King’s Academy College Advising Department, explains the importance of establishing these connections now as a high school student: “With The King’s Academy being a college preparatory school, most students are going to be attending college or interested in pursuing college as a next step. Beginning sophomore year, allowing for students to gain access to face-to-face contact with admissions counselors, the people who will be reviewing their applications come senior year, is really valuable.” 


Not only do these interactions serve as the foundation for future college applications, but these counselors and representatives also have an abundance of information about their institution to share with students. These representatives are extremely knowledgeable about the programs, majors, and benefits of their specific schools, and they are capable of answering any questions a student might have regarding their institution.  


However, the College Fair is not the only available resource for students seeking to gain information and establish relationships with colleges they find themselves interested in. Students can register for individual college representative visits from various institutions throughout the duration of the school year via Scoir, and students are also able to visit their college advisors during Walk-In Wednesdays to ask their advisors any questions they might have about the college admissions process.  


The annual College Fair is an invaluable experience for all students who are willing to ask important questions and form relationships with admissions counselors. Students who engage in this exciting opportunity have a great foundation already established for their future college application process, and it sets students on the right trajectory for their own admissions journey. The College Fair is just the first step in beginning the college admissions process, and this important event can benefit students for years to come.