The Perfect Role Model


Tyler Cool

Mrs. Todd, the secondary director of student life and girl’s Women of Influence Bible teacher.

Maddy Diddle, Contributor

When thinking of the most kindhearted, relatable,  and versatile person, you must think of the one and only Mrs. Todd. If you don’t know her, then you’re missing out on meeting an incredible person. Her love and passion for what she does, for this school, and for her students is contagious. Anyone that has ever come in contact with Mrs. Todd in any way at all knows this to be true. Her love for the Lord radiates through her actions, words, and work ethic. Not only does Mrs. Todd teach the Women of Influence Bible class for senior girls, she is also the Director of Student Life for the high school. One of Mrs. Todd’s favorite parts of her job is homecoming week, because of the unity that is formed throughout the whole campus. This will be Mrs. Todd’s third year working at TKA, yet she has not always worked with students.

Before coming to The King’s Academy, Mrs. Todd owned her own wedding planning business. She has been blessed with an eye for all things creative and has been sure to implement that into her everyday life at King’s. When asked what her favorite part about working at King’s is, Mrs. Todd responded with, “Definitely the students! Every day I am more and more taken back by the students here at King’s. Their hearts, their drive, and their dedication are so inspirational. I am also so thankful and passionate to be able to speak God’s truth to this generation. I have been blessed to witness the Holy Spirit clearly moving. Students are helping each other and encouraging one another in their walks with the Lord, and it is so encouraging.”

Not only have the students had an impact on her life, but Mrs. Todd has had an extreme impact on their’s. Senior Lexi Downs said, “Whenever I am struggling with anything, from stress and anxiety to felling overwhelmed, Mrs. Todd is there for me. But also, when I’m feeling on top of the world and on fire for the Lord, she is there for me. Mrs. Todd is someone who loves endlessly, and is so selfless. I am so grateful to have her in my life and at King’s. She is a light in all of the student’s lives.” Agreeing with Lexi, senior Madi Lee states, “Before I met Mrs. Todd, I never really knew a strong Christian woman who I could talk to for guidance that was outside of my family. Now, whenever I struggle with absolutely anything, she is one of the first people I turn to. Not only is Mrs. Todd an amazing listener, leader, and counselor, she is truly just a woman who loves God, and loves others. She is one of the best role models anyone could have, and I am so grateful to have her in my life.” God has blessed The King’s Academy with numerous exceptional teachers, staff, administration, and faculty, and the TKA family is overwhelmed with joy to have leaders in their lives like Mrs. Todd.