Mario Kart Tour released in mobile stores


Photo credit: Nintendo

Nintendo launches its first mobile version of Mario Kart, enabling players to enjoy the game on the go.

Isabella Perez, Contributor

From the Game Cube to the Wii, to the Nintendo DS to the Switch, Mario Kart is now a part of Apple’s latest mobile franchise and is taking the internet by storm. From characters varied from the beloved Princess Peach and the infamous Bowser, the gaming app called “Mario Kart Tour” was released in android and iOS stores on September 25th. Since its release date, it has become one of the mobile devices most loved games. The extremely competitive game was downloaded over 20 million times on its release day, players have already spent over $1 Million on the game.
The way Nintendo created this game was that every two weeks a brand new “tour” would be released for the players to race. Each course getting more difficult as they preceded, throughout the tour, players would travel against ranks or tiers. To move to the next cup, you must earn a certain number of stars. You can earn these stars by winning races and doing advanced moves like drifting and hitting competitors with items. You can also add your friend’s game code and compare your ranks. Rumor has it that in the future Nintendo will release a multiplayer option. Although it is not confirmed the public is excited about this possibility.
However, like many apps, there is always a catch to the game. Even though you can choose between varied characters the game takes time and dedication in order to unlock more gems, coins, and even carts. Even though the game is free to start, if you were to pay for certain things like extra rubies and the Gold Pass, for only $4.99 a month, you would have access to better characters and opportunities. Many players were disappointed by this factor claiming Nintendo was “money hungry”. despite the players’ views, the game has become successful since its release and will continue to be. Start your engines!