Amazon Food Store


This image features people shopping in the new Amazon food store in New York City. It opened on May 7, 2019. The image demonstrates the amount of people interested in this new grocery store. (Photo Credit: Spencer Platt)

Riley Nowicki, Contributor

We are all aware of new technological advancements that take place in our society such as the new Iphone, computers, and other objects. No one could ever imagine technology being applied to a grocery store though. Of course there is major technology in the food stores such as the registers, security cameras, but now technology is being applied more than ever into these daily places. The Amazon Food Store is a prime example of these new technological advancements that have taken place.

Amazon established their first food store on February 25, 2020 in Seattle. The name of the store is Amazon Go. This store includes fresh produce, along with baked goods. This may just seem like a normal grocery store due to the fact it includes all the normal produce in a grocery store, but there is one catch. There are no cash registers needed at this store, and it is all done automatically through the shopping cart. To start shopping one must download the Amazon Go app and scan the barcode when you enter the store. The technology present in the store will track when an item is removed or returned to store shelves and will keep track of what you put in your cart on a digital screen. The payment system is even more insane than just the technology behind the store. Once you are done shopping you leave the store and Amazon will send you a receipt of what you purchased and charge it to your Amazon account. Even though this technology does not allow for new jobs to be present in this type of grocery store, there are many benefits present in this system. It eliminates the long wait lines at grocery stores which will allow you to leave faster, lowers the chances of people stealing items from the food store, and more covid friendly since it is all done by yourself.