Homecoming: Holiday Season at TKA

Mariana Galeazzi, Contributor

Did you know that Homecoming originated in the nineteenth century with college alumni hosting events with football games? It turned out to be an opportunity for them to come back to campus and support the games. High School went along in the 20th century, encouraging students to unite, increasing the school spirit, with a chance to have a whole week of fun activities.

TKA’s Homecoming is all about that. Every year students, and even teachers, get more excited and go all out on it. This school year, the week had the main theme: “Happy Holidays, TKA,” where each grade was assigned a holiday, such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, and many others, Tuesday being the assigned day to dress up as such.

The rest of the week had Dress Up themes like Rivals Day, where you could see Ninjas (7th grade) and Pirates (8th), Greasers (9th grade) and Beachers (10th), Toddlers (11th grade) and Elders (12th) across campus and Solo, Duos and Squads which students went all out with their matching costumes. College Game Day and Color Day were also themes. As an encouragement, every day the school had a top three for the best dressed on the day’s theme, which was announced at the end of the school day, and this Friday the overall winners, which were 9th grade in third place, 12th grade in second, and 7th graders got the first place! “I really liked the homecoming week! It was the first time for me, and I must say, it was better than expected. The costumes were awesome, and I liked the idea of having daily contests. I was every day looking forward to it!” said Milena Wetterauer, an international student from Germany.

In the Homecoming Assembly, students of our homecoming court were asked, as always, to deliver a speech each to leave an impression and say why they deserve to take the title, and voting for king and queen took place right after. Other exciting events surrounding this week are the Powderpuff Games, and the Football game, with the crowning of our King and Queen following it, which are all happening at the end of this week.

Finally, hopes are high for the Friday Football game, where students are sure the Lions will be great in, with Coach McEnroe giving a beautiful speech in the last ceremony, “Homecoming is the time of the year when everybody comes together. It is all about the students, it is all about you guys. Let’s do this!” With great motivation, the most fun week of the school year comes to an end. Happy Holidays, TKA!