Seniors Bring it Home at the Annual Powderpuff Game

Theodora Cereja, Contributor

The tradition of Powderpuff originated in the 1970s and most recently took place on a Friday morning on October 21st in the year 2022 where The King’s Academy hosted a Powderpuff game between the Juniors and Seniors of ‘23. Leading up to the fateful day, teammates met during afterschool hours for training weeks before the match day. For the seniors, the event held a bittersweet thrill, they were fueled by their will to win in their last stand as high school students. The Senior lions cheered as they made their way onto the field. In preparation for the game, the class of ‘23 could be seen decorating themselves with face paint and sketching ‘23NIORS’ along their legs as a demonstration of pride. Both teams began warming up on the field as the rivalry between the two classes began to escalate. Juniors were not going to make this easy either; the class of ‘24 insisted on taking the win for themselves; as they made their way onto the field, taking their stance, even the crowd could feel the ambitious tension building. With intense sideline cheers led by Macy Shipman and Sofia Martinez, the crowding Senior players created an electrifying atmosphere through their spirit. At the sound of the whistle, the game began. It was a challenging start as both teams would not give up ground. The juniors were precise with their passing, and the seniors were quick with their efforts in seizing the flags.

When it seemed as though the first half would end with a tie, the juniors made use of an opportunity where Promyse Benjamin scored the first touchdown of the game. As halftime was called, the Seniors were decisive in their aim to win. In response to the Juniors’ play, Seniors struck back with a touchdown through a precise throw by the hand of Sarah Scannell followed by an impressive run by Madison James, scoring the first Senior touchdown. Right as she soared past the line, the entirety of the Senior girls’ powderpuff team was found storming the field with a collective cheer as they celebrated the victory. From there the game led to another draw as both Junior McKenzie Meunier and Senior Chiara Laus scored touchdowns; the game would be a close call, riding on one more victory. The entire audience felt the anticipation of triumph, the results of the match were unpredictable, and everyone would have to wait for the time to be called to know how this game would end. It had all come down to a single moment and it was up to them who would take the crown. With the pressure fueling the exhilarating adrenaline coursing through their runs, Senior Sandra Watson saw her opening. With a fast pass, the football was in her grasp. Watson charged ahead, taking victory as she scored the final touchdown of the game. Immediately the field came alive with the rally of Senior teammates. All the players sprinted onto the field as the score was won; thunderous cheers sounded throughout the stands as the winners were named. When reflecting on their triumph, Coach Miguel Martinez expressed “It was definitely a tight one, I mean– we definitely gave it all we got and were lucky enough to come out with a win.” The efforts displayed by both teams are commendable and player Janessa Willaims. describes this ability as a result of motivation explaining “We gave them energy, we kept the energy going throughout the game no matter who was down, so I think that’s why we won.” With the full intent of leaving behind a legacy, the Seniors’ victory has marked an unforgettable conquest in the history of Powderpuff.