Strong Competition, Stronger Competitors


Mrs. Beck

During the awards ceremony one of the winners, Trey Schoenewolff, won an award in advanced mythology. The students were clapping and screaming in celebration, as Mrs. Beck took a picture to commemorate that moment.

Alexandra Kravecz, Contributor

The Junior Classical League, also known as JCL, is a new addition to TKA’s clubs, starting during the last school year. However, it has now become a beloved part of school for many Latin students. On November 19th of this year, 2022, Latin students, ranging from 8th to 12th grade gathered for the first JCL competition of the school year, the Fall Forum. Many people though are baffled by the thought of a Latin competition, it does sound quite strange, but JCL is a competition where students from all over the country compete in various contests about Latin, Greek, and ancient culture. These include testing, games, audio and visual projects, all forms of art, and certamen (a quiz-bowl-styled game.) Though the Fall Forum began with a group of extremely tired students, they soon started readying to win. Like all competitions, JCL sparks its own kind of intensity among students. Those tired students soon snapped and became absorbed in the thought of being victorious over the other schools. The students began the day each taking 1-2 tests, but because this competition was virtual no projects were submitted. However, the motivation within the members truly did pay off since they had four winners in the category of mythology.  However, testing is not all that took place that day, in between events the students and even Mrs. Beck, the Latin teacher and the one in charge of JCL, got involved in playing all types of games; they all even stood in front of the room and played Heads Up. That game, though only to kill time, got everyone on their toes and screaming hints to one another. The laughs that were shared instantaneously brought everyone closer together. So, it is not just the competition that draws students in, rather it is the memories that are made in between. JCL has brought many people closer through team bonding. They train and practice together, meaning they also win and lose together. The Fall Forum was a tremendous way to kick off the year, this most definitely exposed many new JCL members to the gratifying satisfaction of winning, but also to the desire and motivation to want to win. So, with in-person regionals coming soon, the rivalry will undoubtedly continue, and students will indisputably grow and become stronger.