Keeping with Tradition and Competition

Day of Jubilee 2023. (Photo Credit: Bella Mastandrea)

Ryleigh Stutsman

The Day of Jubilee is a TKA tradition that Elementary students look forward to all year. This annual event allows students to compete in friendly competitions that show the importance of teamwork! Amelie Nobel, who is a freshman, participated as a volunteer on the Day of Jubilee by monitoring the events. She says, “Day of Jubilee is a fun experience for both the elementary students and that volunteering. The students have a fun time working amongst their class to try and earn a victory title. As a volunteer, it is fun to cheer on the kids and guide them one step closer to their winning goal.” Elementary students enjoy different competitions which include tug-of-war, baton relay, sack race, obstacle course, three-legged race, egg on a spoon, and the ball relay. The tug-of-war event includes different rounds. The first and second rounds are between a selected number of girls from one class and the same goes for the other class along with the boys. Then they finish the tug-of-war event with a final round between both classes as a whole. The Stacey children especially loved the Day of Jubilee. Brooklyn Stacey is in 2nd grade and said, “My favorite part of Day of Jubilee is that it is always a lot of fun!” Landon Stacey is in the 4th grade and said, “My favorite part is the tug-of-war!” Lastly, Madelyn Stacey who is in the 5th grade said, “My favorite part is getting to spend quality time with my friends.” The Bible mentions the Year of Jubilee instead of the Day of Jubilee. The Year of Jubilee came every 50 years and was a year of releasing slaves and people from their debts. The year was also about people returning stolen property to its rightful owner. It was a time to appreciate your family and loved ones. At TKA we strive to live like Christ and on this special day, we celebrate with our peers in a friendly competition but also with our teachers and parents. The Day of Jubilee is also a half day, so after the games, students usually go to the fair and meet up with friends to continue the day. This day is a very important and fun day for elementary students but also for middle and high school students who enjoy the half day.