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Carmen McDaniel

Carmen McDaniel, Contributor

Carmen McDaniel is in the ninth grade. She has been attending The King’s Academy for as long as ten years. Carmen is on the Varsity Basketball Team, Varsity Lacrosse Team and is currently playing the flute in The King’s Academy band. She is also involved in the engineering program. Carmen’s favorite subject in school is Spanish. She loves hanging out with her cousins, engaging in outside activities and even playing with her younger brother. She loves to write about almost anything. To Carmen, writing is a calming and fun thing to do in one's free time. An interesting fact about Carmen is that she loves sports and has played basketball ever since she was in kindergarten. What's weird about Carmen is that she hates tomatoes, ketchup, lasagna, tomato soup, getting stuff stuck in her nails, and she also hates going to the beach for many reasons. Her best character quality is that she always tries to brighten people’s days, even if hers is not going too well. Carmen is excited to write articles for The Lion Ledger because she has been wanting to be a part of it ever since seventh grade.

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Carmen McDaniel