TKA’s First Football Game of the 2020 Season


Zakaih Saez, Bernie Cueto, Keschawn Edouard, and Gavin Keen lead The King’s Academy’s Lion’s onto the feild ready for a victory in The Kalhert Stadium. (Photo Credit: Laura Rinker)

Olivia O'Leary, Contributer

On Friday night, September 11 2020, The King’s Academy football team opened its 2020 season with a win against the Lemon Bay Manta Rays. This game, however, looked a little different without any fans cheering on the silver bleachers. Due to COVID-19 and the safety protocols of social distancing, the game was broadcasted live on TKATV by the new digital arts club run by Mr. Parenti. There were several cameras set up around the field with students at each, live streaming the entire game. Christian Proscia, a junior part of the digital arts club, ran the end zone camera which was based on the sidelines. In an interview with Christian, he said, “my favorite part about being at the game was that I was almost like a VIP. I was one of the few people that got to be there on the field with the team and I thought that it was awesome.” He also mentioned that broadcasting is something he is really interested in pursuing, so getting to broadcast this event gave him amazing hands-on experience as if he was filming a real NFL game. The game itself was a journey to watch. King’s stayed ahead for the majority of the game but got their epic win when Gavan Keen brought the ball to middle field, and the team kneeled the ball two times to run the clock out. The final score was 33-27. With the first game out of the way, the footballers are getting used to what the rest of their season is going to look like and they’re excited to bring more defeats in games to come, despite anything going on in the world around us.